SII and the Canaries. 2019


A special version of the SII is expected for the Canaries since the 1rst January 2019. As happens in the mainland, those companies obliged to file monthly IGIC returns will also be obliged to file electronically their IGIC registers in real time to the Canary Island’s tax authorities.


The regional tax authorities are implementing the IGIC SII system which, except for small differences, will not much differ from the VAT SII in the mainland and other autonomous regions which have regulation authority on this issue and which, as happens with Country Vasque and Navarre, have implemented their own SII system.


The Canarian tax authorities have habilitated a mail address for answering questions on the IGIC SII. Also, additional info and a draft of the technical requisites can be found at the site of the Canary Islands Tax Directorate.

New version 1.1 of the SII (1st July 2018)
New F.A.Q.'s for the SII version 1.1 published


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Wednesday, 24 April 2019


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